Some testimonials from my girls:

"My story is probably like many t-girls, crossdressers or transvetites. I have been intersted in it since an early age, but I did nothing about it and instead buried myself in work and running a business. Then just over a year ago, I plucked up the courage and made an appointment to see Lizzy. On arrival I was nervous and wondered what I was doing. I chose from Lizzy's vast collection of clothes, a dress that would be the type a woman of my age would wear. Then came the makeup - I decided not to watch my transformation, but instead waited until her workmanship (or is it work-woman-ship) was completed. She chose a wig and then I looked in the mirror. My feminine appearance was mind blowing. I could not believe it was me. There was no chance anyone I knew would recognise me. I then tried on a variety of wigs - long, short, bob, blonde, dark - there is a huge selection to choose from and then a second outfit. All the time being photographed - seeing youself in different outfits, different wigs and different poses really helps you understand how you want to look. A booking with Lizzy is more than just wearing a dress, having makeup applied and putting on a wig. She makes you feel relaxed and makes you realise that what you are doing is fun, harmless and something 50% of the population can do everyday. She is a fantastic listener. For me this was the first time I had ever had the opportunity to discuss my interest in crossdressing. The subject has been on my mind nearly everyday for 30 years - and here was someone willing to talk about it as if it was no big deal. Since then with Lizzy's help I have gained confidence and feel happy enough now to venture out in the evening to t-girl events and t-girls pubs sometimes with Lizzy and other times on my own. Why didn't I meet Lizzy 20 years ago...


Try it - you wont regret it."


Alison - Bouremouth

"I found Lizzy almost by chance. She didn't advertise at all really when I decided to try her skills out, it was only by word of mouth I decided to give her a try and I don't regret it at all. She has a really good selection of wigs, clothes and great makeup skills as well as a genuine interest in trying to make the session fun and enjoyable. Lizzy provides a relaxed atmosphere in which you can get the most of your time, without being worried about how others might interpret you i.e. Lizzy is about about as trans-freindly as you could hope to get and she'll chat shoes and clothes with you too (all t-girls love talking about those dont they?!)


I really recommend you try her makeover skills out, she'll do her best for you and help you to really enjoy being a girl for as many hours in a session as you would like to book-in for.  


Becki - Amesbury

"I guess I'm not alone, when I say, my first visit to Lizzy, was nerve wracking. Meeting a stranger for the first time for a makeover. But within minutes, we were chatting like best friends, in a comfortable and very feminine room. Lizzy has the ability to put you completely at ease, nerves disappear within minutes, and then the magic begins.


I'd heard about Lizzy from TVChix, speaking to one of "Her Girls", she'd told me about this wonderful lady near Southampton, who was friendly, patient and was fantastic at makeup and dress sense. I contacted her and within a week I was sat chatting to my new friend, and allowing Lizzy to help me discover my real feminine sense. I'm proud to be one of "Her Girls", and visit whenever the chance occurs.


I recommend her to everyone I talk to, she's friendly, has a great sense of humour, but more importantly she has a huge heart, and really cares about us, and how we look. If you want to discover your real feminine side, visit Lizzy, you'll make a new friend and you will be truly astounded at the results".


Kay - Fareham

"I hadn't dressed for over 16 years and had never had a makeover before, so was beyond nervous as my appointment approached. I needn't have worried, Lizzy put me at my ease within seconds of meeting her and I immediately started relaxing. She has such an understanding and calming way about her - such an easy lady to talk to. I was so relaxed, having my make up done was a joy...and Lizzy's skills in that department are so amazing she even made ME look feminine!!! Relaxing over a glass of wine, chatting with one of the nicest people I have met and wearing one of the nicest dresses I have ever seen is one of my fondest memories.


I can't recommend Lizzy highly enough - if I had known her 16 years ago I would probably never have stopped. I can't wait for my next first one will be one of many, many visits!"


Jenny - Winchester 

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